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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  January 18, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[ harry umlaut ] here we go. [ sally umlaut ] what? the five stages of muller. ah yes... stage one: suspicion. "it's a yogurt how good can it be?" stage two: revision. "actually, this ain't bad." stage three: surprise! "lookt this cooool cornery thing! i love this stuff!!" stage four: desolation. "it's gone!" stage five: anticipation "i guess i could always have another"... "have you been through the five stages of muller yet?" "yeah, just now." [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at noon. >> the militant islamists holding hostages in algeria are offering to trade to americans.
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that is according to a statement. the two men they want to see freed are the mastermind of the 1993 world trade center bombing and pakistani scientists . algeria's state news service says 100 of those kidnapped has been freed. this despite a failed rescue attempt by the algerian army. the hostages and include americans, britons, and people from eight other countries. david cameron said he was not consulted before the raid began. >> i was told by the algerian prime minister while it was taking place a bit he said the terrorist had tried to free -- sleep. he felt obliged to respond. >> u.s. officials also kept in the dark.
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at least five americans managed to escape along with an irish worker. the fallout continues for lance armstrong's and admitting that he used performance enhancing drugs. he revealed the details during an interview with oprah winfrey. we have highlights from that interview and how people are reacting. >> the situation is one big lie. i repeated a lot of times. >> after more than a decade of denying any doping, lance armstrong is now telling the truth. >> my cocktail was only epo not a lot. >> the man who won the tour de france seven times at bat into using performance enhancing
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drugs. at the time, he said it did not feel wrong. back this morning, she said admitting his cheating is the first step, but it was not enough. >> he would not step up to the plate and admit that it happened. this is where it all started. it was really disappointing that he did not intend to that. >> none of this was a secret. >> there was always suspect that maybe something was going on. we had no idea, but there was a shroud of secrecy around the team. >> he won a contest in 2007 to become an honorary member. he says he hopes this board will soon be able to move past the situation. >> i hope the integrity of cycling stays. >> some believe this interview
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may have done more harm than good. there could still be some additional fallout. the second part of this interview will air tonight on the oprah winfrey and network. >> armstrong's confession is the subject of today's "katie" show. that is today at 4:00. many parts of northern virginia crews had to drive 30 miles south of stafford on i-95 to find some snow that was sticking. further down 95, at snow was starting to pile up on roadways. a different scene where sell quickly stuck to roads on thursday. a tow truck had to pull a
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tractor-trailer to safety. people also reported funder snow. -- thunder snow. we did not get snub, but it is still cold outside. adam caskey is here with a look at our forecast. >> it has been a full week since we have seen this much sunshine. just sunshine, it will be sunny on into the weekend. take a look at the time lapse. morning low temperature of 25 degrees. mostly sunny right now. here is a look at some of the current temperatures. notice how they are mainly in a
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lower 30's, right around freezing.31 and sterling. factor in the wind, it feels like we are down right near 20. here is a quick look at your travel forecast. from denver, all the way to boston, at no big travel problems. i will talk about the coldest air of the season, coming up. >> police in prince william county have identified to a man who shot a woman in dumfries. there wanted in connection early thursday morning. the tollivers knew the victim and they say there is a third suspect. the sheriff's office have released a composite sketch after an attempted abduction on wednesday. we have a drawing of a man who grabbed a 13-year-old girl as she was walking to her boss
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stop. the man tried to force the girl into a van with two other men in it. investigators are reviewing surveillance video from school buses in the neighborhood right or wrong the times did happened. the debate over guns, martin o'malley is new proposal to deter gun violence. he had a press conference this morning in annapolis. >> gov. martin o'malley says he strongly supports president barack obama's efforts to curb gun violence across the country, but while they wait for a national solution, he would like to put some things into place here in maryland. gun safety, mental health, and school safety. when it comes to gun safety, he said he would lead to reinstate
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the ban on military assault weapons. he would also like to limit the size of magazines. the third part is introduce common sense licensing for firearms in the state of maryland. when it comes to mental health, he wants to and give more money to improve mental health services including the creation of a new hot line and a center for early intervention. he also talked a lot about school safety. he said it would like the general assembly to give $25 million to school safety. he would also like to create the maryland center for school safety. >> we can save lives and every life is precious. >> governor o'malley says all of this should be the top legislative priority for this legislative session. to did any of this past, it will take a lot of money and a lot of
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support from both sides of the aisle. >> final preparations are underway for the second presidential inauguration, three days until the big day. this morning thousands of their men from 31 states and territories are arrived in d.c. to help with security. we have a preview of what we can expect on monday. >> 6000 national guard soldiers and airmen from more than 31 states have arrived in d.c. today. a special mission, to say the least. men and women have been called to support the d.c. guard. >> do you solemnly swear -- >> but most of them have been here before said they are familiar with the city. 7000 troops were on the ground
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that the last inauguration. >> the help will be widespread on the national mall. many performed similar duties during the inauguration four years ago. >> we will be watching, we have specific locations where we will be doing traffic control. knowing that we are doing our job. >> it includes the swearing-in and designation of special officers. >> parade routes, various things that we need to accomplish. >> it has not participated in every inauguration since 1851, when president abraham lincoln received his first salute from a d.c. guardsmen. >> stay with abc 7 for complete
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coverage of the inauguration. you can find more information by going to coming up, disturbing surveillance shows and other subway attack. we will show you what police are saying about this incident. the center for disease control releases its latest findings on the deadly flu outbreak. back on the ice, find out how the caps paid tribute to their fans. take a look outside in frederick, maryland. sunny skies, nice to see.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon. >> police in philadelphia have arrested a man who they say through all woman onto the subway tracks. this is disturbing video. this was caught on tape. in this video, look at this, the man walked up to a woman. he asked her for a lighter, and then he attacked her. fortunately, she was able to pull herself to safety. the misconduct trial of john leopold is under way today it with opening statements. he waived his right to a jury trial, a judge is going to determine his guilt or
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innocence. he is denying any wrongdoing. seven is on your side with some new information on this year's widespread flu outbreak. cdc says nine more children have died from the virus. that brings the total to 29 deaths. the virus may be on its way out. new numbers show that flu cases are decreasing in some areas. officials said it is not too late to get vaccinated. we are 16 days away from super bowl 47. super bowl dreams are on the line. san francisco had to land to up. they will take on the falcons at 3:00. the ravens take on the patriots at 6:30. washington capitals fans ecstatic, the team is back on the ice.
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that was that the verizon center thursday night. as recently as just a few weeks ago, things are looking pretty grim. their first game is tomorrow in tampa. their home opener is coming next week. i know one person who is extremely excited about that. >> very happy to have hockey back. i am still bitter about the first half of the season. i am ready for some hockey. c-a-p-s this weekend. >> everything is good. >> coldest air of the season so far early next week. inauguration until the middle part of the week. >> not the best time. >> let's start with a time
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lapse. look the sun is back. last time we saw a glimpse of the sun was last thursday. it is a welcome sight. it has been over a week. a beautiful picture right at sunrise. now we have a good amount of sunshine, almost crystal clear skies. not a single cloud over the past couple of hours. a beautiful day in washington, but it is cold. 36 at lake in national. look at the wind. -- 36 at reagan national airport. look at the wind. 34 at dulles. 29 in hagerstown . it feels 10 degrees colder in the district. it feels like 26.
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it feels like 20 in hagerstown. look at this cold air. parts of northern canada, 30 below zero. very cold air that is brewing in canada, which is going to push south and clipped us in washington. by monday, tuesday wednesday. the majority of next week is looking rather chilly. not so bad across -- minneapolis, 38, 36 in washington. right on this baby blue band, temperatures in the 20's. tuesday, but could be talking high temperatures in the upper 20's. by far the coldest air so far this season. morning low temperatures tuesday, wednesday possibly thursday in the teens.
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we have clear conditions. all around the metro, upper 30's. here is a quick look at your seven-day forecast. 20's to the weekend. 40's over the weekend. there is that plummets, near 30 on tuesday and wednesday. >> we look forward to that. also coming up, from wedding day course stories to the growing trend of grommzillas.
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>> first comes love and then comes marriage. "20/20" takes viewers behind the scenes of the cutthroats wedding industry. elizabeth, you have some insight. groomzillas are becoming an issue? >> if you can believe it, yes. it is not just bride'ss who behaved badly. even more of the trend grooms are starting to have the votes in the bad -- in the big day. tonight, you are going to meet some grooms who have some definite ideas. a little bit of a conflict when they do not see eye to eye. that is a big day. hopefully, you are only doing it once in your life.
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we go behind the scenes on all of that tonight. >> i can see that when people have a clear vision. this one is a little more difficult for me to understand. couples who are getting married and had never kissed before? >> this is a sweet story. we have all seen the movie "never been kissed." during the betrothal, they do not kiss at all. it is a bible movement, and religious foundation to it. this one couple takes us through their planning for the wedding. they kiss for the very first time after saying "i do." when you see the kids, you can tell that it is the first. by the end of the wedding, you -- you'll love meeting this couple, they are really great. >> "20/20" airs at 10:00 right
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here at abc 7. there are some reports of tiger woods desperately trying to convince his ex-wife to marry him again. according to the national enquirer woods is so desperate to win her back, he is offered a $200 million prenup. she won a $110 million settlement when they divorced. still ahead, adam caskey is back with a fin
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>> really cannot complain because the sunshine is a nice change of pace. >> finally. upper 40's. inauguration day on monday, upper 30's. lookit that cold air on tuesday and wednesday. -- look at that cold air on tuesday and wednesday.
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